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Take the First Step to a Healthier You!

Take the First Step to
a Healthier You!

Bariatric Surgery FAQ

Our bariatric surgeons answer the most frequently asked questions about weight loss surgery.

Will I have long-term weight loss success?
In the beginning, bariatric surgery is simply a tool that helps patients reach their weight loss goals. However, the long-term success is maintained as a result of the behavioral and lifestyle modifications that are advocated and encouraged during the pre-surgery and post-surgery journey for bariatric surgery.
What if my insurance doesn’t cover bariatric surgery?
Should a patient not have the coverage for bariatric surgery, Advanced Bariatrics will work with the patient to determine the cause of this lack of coverage and identify what other financial options may be available.
Following inpatient bariatric surgery, what can I expect at the hospital?
Patients typically spend 1-2 nights in the hospital. Immediately following surgery, patients will be required to walk laps. Patients will also be given oral liquids as soon as possible. Progressing the patient’s diet and having the patient exercise will help contribute to how quickly one is discharged from the hospital.
Will I ever be able to eat regular food again?
Immediately following surgery, patients are placed on a special diet. However, within six weeks post-surgery, patients are able to eat regular food again. The only difference will be that the patient is more conscious of what they are eating and how much they are eating thanks to the tools they are given during the pre-surgery process.
Is bariatric surgery safe?
Bariatric surgery is actually one of the safest procedures that can be performed. Thanks to studies that have been conducted by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, it has been proven that bariatric surgery is safer than having a hip replacement or gallbladder surgery. This study goes on to show that a patient’s mortality rate is decreased by 89% after having bariatric surgery.
Can’t I lose and maintain the same amount of weight loss without having to do bariatric surgery?
While it is possible to lose and maintain weight loss through dieting and exercising, it has been found that for those who are morbidly obese, such accomplishments are quite rare without the assistance of bariatric surgery. This fact has also been confirmed by the National Institutes of Health and Experts Panel. Bariatric surgery is a vital tool for patients because it helps to either provide malabsorption or restriction or sometimes both. Having the surgery helps to not only decrease a patient’s appetite, but also helps them to feel fuller faster and longer. As a result, these anatomical changes that are created as result of bariatric surgery are what help maintain one’s long-term success.
Is the goal of bariatric surgery to get patients skinny?
Ultimately, the goal of bariatric surgery is not to make people skinny. Advanced Bariatrics’ goal is to make people healthy! We want patients to be able to have their comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol either improve drastically or resolve completely. This would then result in patients being able to reduce the amount of medication they take or being able to stop taking them completely. By helping people to become healthy, we help them live happier and longer lives. As a result, Advanced Bariatrics’ focus will always be on the health and well-being of our patients.
Does it matter which type of bariatric surgery a patient has?
Choosing which type of bariatric surgery to have is often determined based upon a patient’s comorbidities and weight loss goals. Each of the bariatric surgeries – Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y), Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy), and Gastric Band – has its own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, it is not a one surgery fits everybody scenario. Our physicians at Advanced Bariatrics will discuss each of the procedures with you, while also discussing your comorbidities and weight loss goals, in order to determine which surgery is right for you.

Take the First Step to a Healthier You!


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JOEL U. (Age: 41)

I find myself wanting to go to the gym 4-5 times per week!

Dr. Cheregi helped me to see that this procedure was merely the start of a new way of life for me. Since the surgery, my health has continued to improve both physically and mentally. I can feel it in my knees and back especially and find myself no longer needing to take breaks from strenuous activity.

Brittney P. (Age: 21)

The impact the surgery has had on my life is nothing short of amazing!

Before my surgery, I weighed 223 pounds and was absolutely miserable. Fast forward to today, I weigh 135lbs…I look and feel so much better… it’s basically given me my life back! I am also thankful that Dr. Cheregi has been a part of this journey with us. I am so grateful for Dr. Cheregi and for everything he has done for me. He truly changed my life.

COLIN C. (Age: 34)

This surgery was and still is
absolutely life changing!

The impact the surgery has had on my life is nothing short of amazing! I look and feel so much better… it’s basically given me my life back! I never thought in a million years, I would be wearing a size 32 pants and a small or medium shirt. I am fortunate that my wife and I were able to go on this journey together so we could support one another…

Take the First Step to a Healthier You!

Take the First Step to
a Healthier You!