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Harold M. (Age: 57)


Sleeve Gastrectomy


147.6 lbs


Dr John Cheregi

I am alive now because of Dr. Cheregi and would give him a rating of 5+. He is honest, skilled at what he does, and truly cares!

My Journey

Dr. Cheregi is my hero! He saved my life and changed my outlook on life! Not only did I choose him because my wife is a nurse and recommended him but also because after we met, I saw how much honesty and integrity he has. He gave me realistic expectations regarding what my weight loss could be. He made it clear that while the surgery was an excellent tool for weight loss I would still need to do a lot of hard work.

Fast forward to the present, I exceeded my weight loss goals and lost a total of 147.6 pounds! I considered that a pipe dream. I also feel thirty years younger.  Prior to surgery, I would walk about 3,000 steps per day. Now, I can walk up to 12-14,000 steps in one day. I can do yard work, shovel snow, and walk the dog till the dog is tired. Also, I am no longer taking the nine medications I needed for my 5 comorbidities. I am now medication free.

My advice for someone else is to listen to Dr. Cheregi and the dietitian. You will need to relearn how and what to eat. Also, understand that surgery is not magic. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication from you to make you successful with weight loss. Remember that you are not alone on this journey. Not only did I have Dr. Cheregi to support and encourage me but also the dietitian, support group, and my family. Also, take advantage of the offer to utilize the Advocate fitness centers. The trainers were so knowledgeable and supportive.

In closing, six months after surgery my daughter was married; and I was able to walk her down the aisle. Prior to surgery, I would not have been physically able to do that. My wife and kids are so much happier knowing I am living a healthier life that will allow me to live longer and spend more time with them. My wife no longer worries about me dying early. The grim reaper was my pal walking side by side with me. Now, I run in front of him. Do the surgery for yourself and your loved ones. I am alive now because of Dr. Cheregi and would give him a rating of 5+. He is honest, skilled at what he does, and truly cares!


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