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Megan B. (Age: 28)


Gastric Sleeve


115 lbs


Dr John Cheregi

In ten months, I am down 115 pounds since my highest weight and 101 pounds down since surgery. I cannot speak enough about how much my life has changed.

My Journey

Where do I even start with Advanced Bariatrics and Dr. Cheregi?

I had considered weight loss surgery for quite some time as I have been trying to lose weight since I was ten. In the past eight years, I dedicated myself to trying to finally get healthy. However, anytime I had some success, I always gained it back and more. 

I originally was referred to Dr. Cheregi by another patient. However, I ended up going with him not just based on his amazing reviews online but also because he is quite active on social media. I watched one of his Facebook Lives, and I appreciated his knowledge and honesty. His statistics for his patients were amazing and calmed a lot of my nerves.

My experience with Advanced Bariatrics has been incredible and completely blew any of my expectations out of the water. I always worried about surgery as you hear negative stories about failures and complications. However, Advanced Bariatrics is SO different than any other practice. They educate you about surgery and what life is like afterward even before you have the surgery. However, education does not stop there. They continue to help and check up on you for life. I contribute the majority of my success to the team as they are always available to answer my questions and truly care. They want to see you succeed and put in the effort to make sure that happens. Surgery was painless and easy. The hospital and staff made me feel so comfortable. I’m consistently in touch with the whole staff. Dr. Cheregi and I have our touch base appointments every few months. Kiersten, his assistant, is so kind and always helps me get questions I have answered. Vanessa, the nurse practitioner, has been answering my constant emails and really helping me reach my goals. My dietitian Audra approaches each appointment with great advice and ideas and always has something new for me to try the next time. I wouldn’t be where I am without each and every one of them. I feel like I have not only gotten my life back but a second family.

In ten months, I am down 115 pounds since my highest weight and 101 pounds down since surgery. I cannot speak enough about how much my life has changed. There are things I didn’t even realize my weight made so difficult in my day-to-day life. Just even walking the dogs has become enjoyable because I am not in pain or feeling like my heart is about to explode. Three years ago, I have almost turned away from riding a rollercoaster for almost not being able to fit. This was the point I knew I had to make a major change, and I will forever be thankful to Dr. Cheregi for helping me make that change. I am so excited about the life in front of me! When before, I could never be sure what day was my last. My primary doctor at my most recent visit was so excited to remove all my past medical concerns from my portfolio. I don’t even have to worry about sleep apnea anymore as it is completely gone.  If you’re considering surgery, Dr. Cheregi is the guy. Watch one of his Facebook Lives and book a consultation. I promise by the end of that you’ll know you will want to proceed. My experience has been 100/10 stars!


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