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Gastric Sleeve Success: Heather Z. (Age 46)


Gastric Sleeve


102 lbs


Dr. Cheregi

On a scale of 1-5, Dr Cheregi and his team are a 10; and I highly recommend him and his staff. They genuinely care, are knowledgeable, and thorough.

My Journey

Why did I choose weight loss surgery? At first, I was against it, saying I can lose the weight all on my own.  While working overnights, I topped out at 350 pounds. I would drink at least, 6 – 20 ounces of Mt Dew or Dr. Pepper daily.  I tried everything from prescribed tablets, and injections, to joining a gym; but I didn’t take it seriously.  When I had a yearly physical with my PCP, he talked to me encouraging me to see Dr. Cheregi. I agreed and made my appointment on my birthday.

​On the day of the appointment, I just wanted maybe an exercise program, but after talking to Dr. Cheregi, I opted for the gastric sleeve. Dr. Cheregi never once judged me for my weight. He sat down with us, I made my husband go with me and discussed how being overweight is dangerous and what diseases I am more susceptible to getting due to my weight. It was in his office on that day I decided to change my life for the better and decided to go through with the surgery.

​Dr. Cheregi, reiterates over and over, that weight loss surgery is ONLY a tool and changing my lifestyle was a must. He is very encouraging and approachable. I remember my first question for him, “Would I have all the loose skin I have seen on TV?” He didn’t sugarcoat it and told me there would be loose skin but let’s get the weight off first, then we’ll talk about the skin.

​I had my consultation with Dr. Cheregi and his team on January 23, 2023, that was not only the day I decided to take back my life, but I put down the pop and still on this day 12/22/23 have not touched it. I am very strict on my diet and listen to the dieticians, Dr. Cheregi, and his team.  Being strict enabled me to reach my goal weight within 9 months of surgery. The surgery date was 3/7/23 and the goal was achieved in December.

​On a scale of 1-5, Dr Cheregi and his team are a 10; and I highly recommend him and his staff. They genuinely care, are knowledgeable, and thorough. However, do not think that surgery is the fix to your weight loss, it is only a tool to get you jump-started. As Dr. Cheregi always says, “Do not chase the numbers, chase the lifestyle.” Surgery, diet, and exercise are the key components in achieving the new me – my new lifestyle.  I not only took back my health, but I took back my life!

Thank you, Dr Cheregi, Vanessa, and the team.


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